Morning Comments June 8, 2017

Thursday, June 8, 2017, 7:06 AM
Submitted by: Landus Cooperative

Opening Calls:


Corn +3 to 5

Beans +7 to 9


Focus continues to be on weather. There is a lot of concern about the heat and lack of rain over the next few days in a wide swath of the Midwest. Most commentaries are centered on how early this is happening in the growing stages of the crops. That said, we’ve all experienced these events before and realize how quickly forecasts can change. We continue to encourage rewarding this uptrend and making some sales. If you have Old Crop to price, start selling off some of those bushels. If you have anything on Price Later, now is a very good time to look at making some sales. 


There is a WASDE report set to be released on Friday, but, for now, it is taking a back seat to weather. 


As always, we also encourage you to contact us and let us know the level(s) you want to get some grain sold. We’ll enter an offer on your behalf that can/will trade all hours that the Board of Trade is open (provided that the offer is signed and back in our office).


Stay safe and hydrated the next few days.



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